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A quiet and secluded wilderness vacation resort on a remote island in Northern Ontario Canada

Lodge in Northern OntarioWalleye and Northern Pike fishing is comfortable and easy at our island resort in the remote wilderness of Northern Ontario Canada. Lake Wabatongushi is a prolific Walleye and Northern Pike lake with an abundance of great structure. Catching shore lunch or your fish dinner is relatively easy and you have the added bonus of numerous opportunities to see wildlife such as Moose, Black Bear, Loons and Bald Eagles.

Walleye fishing in OntarioWabatongushi Lake is a relatively shallow lake for Northern Ontario with an average depth of 17′. It’s 10,000 acre area contains an abundance of varied structure such as rocky reefs, sandbars and weed beds allowing easy fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike and Perch. The extensive shallow bays are ideal spawning areas for northern pike while the many rocky reefs and 27 rivers and streams make optimum walleye spawning areas.

The best months to fish for Walleye are May, followed by June then September. The water is cooler in the spring and late summer making the walleyes more aggressive. In the spring the Walleyes tend to like the river mouths and relatively shallow shoals, usually less than 15′ of water. During the summer months the walleye tend to be a little lazier but there is still no problem catching plenty of fish. A lot of the summer Walleyes are in the deep edges of the weed beds. In the fall the walleyes go a little deeper although we still mostly catch them in less than 25′ of water.

wooden fishing boatThe best months to fish for Northern Pike are July and August followed by September. The weed beds are up in July and August and they are looking for food to grow. May and June the Northern Pike are hungry but there are no weed beds to concentrate their population. During the summer we have a lot of fun with surface and shallow water baits. Fly fishing for Northern Pike over the weed beds with with long streamers or bunny bugs is a blast. In the spring and fall trolling with the deeper running lartge plugs tend to do better.

Our 18′ wooden fishing boats are hand built for us out of cedar and oak. They are spacious, stable, comfortable and quiet. Each boat is fully equipped with an environmentally friendly 9.9 hp Evinrude 4-stroke outboard motor, Humminbird fish finder, 2 swivel cushion boat seats on pedestals, anchor, paddles, emergency kit and life jackets. A Minnkota electric trolling motor is included with our American Plan package and is an extra with our Housekeeping or Housekeeping with Dinners packages.

Although catch and release fishing is not mandatory, we strongly promote conservation of fishing quality. We especially like to have the larger Walleye and Northern Pike released as these are almost entirely our healthiest and best spawning females. suites for American PlanWe have a catch and release program where we reward the efforts of our guests in maintaining the high quality Walleye and Northern Pike fishing on Lake Wabatongushi.secluded log cabin

At our resort we offer very comfortable accommodations and really great meals. You can choose from Housekeeping, Housekeeping with Dinners, or have all meals included on the American Plan. All of our cabins are fully outfitted for housekeeping with refrigerator, stove, and everything you need for cooking and serving. Each cabin has a bathroom with shower and toilet, living room, 1,2,or 3 bedrooms and an airtight fireplace for heat. Our suites, which are adjacent to the lodge and main dock, do not have kitchen facilities, but do have a coffee center, refrigerator, thermostatically controlled heat, living room, bed room, and bathroom with shower, tub, sink and toilet.

You can reach our resort by the Algoma Central Railway’s wilderness passenger train or by float plane. Both the train or the float plane are available from either Hawk Junction or Sault Ste Marie. We have trains in on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and trains out on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Thursday. Float planes are charter flights which we can arrange for days and times which fit your itinerary.

The train reaches Lake Wabatongushi about 4:30-5:00 pm. Our resort island is a 20 minute boat ride from the train.

The train from Sault Ste Marie has the option of a Combo Ticket, which includes a 2 hour stop at Agawa Canyon on the way to our resort.

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