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Perfect for Romantic Getaways or a Belize Honeymoon

Belize vacations are perhaps one of the most popular unspoiled destinations highly favored by couples across the globe. This tiny country, often thought to be one of nature’s best kept secrets, usually appeals to travelers who have a flair for adventure and who enjoy the mystique of a unique travel destinations rich in culture and heritage.

Belize extends about 180 miles north to south and about 68 miles west to east, and is neatly located between Mexico and Guatemala on Central America’s Caribbean coast. The air of total relaxation and non-commercial authenticity make it a favorite destination for couples looking to have a romantic Belize vacations.

Home to a rich Mayan culture and heritage, Belize has over ten diverse cultures that all tell a story about the history of this little land. Couples with more of an explorer interest will enjoy experiencing the expansive reefs, ancient Mayan sites and dense rain-forests that are home to many exotic species of birds and flora.

Top things to do on romantic Belize vacations

Couples on their Belize romantic getaway will need to experience five major activities to get a true feel of what the country has to offer. The appeal of Belize comes from the fact that its activities are far removed from the hustle and bustle of more commercial tourist destinations, thereby making it perfect for couples who like exotic romantic vacations and want to simply enjoy their “together time”.

Belize vacations and Marine Life – Belize is home to the largest and most stunning barrier reef in the western hemisphere. This is definitely something to behold!

Belize vacations and Rainforests – Visitors to Belize can easily spend days exploring the many facets of the country’s rainforests. From hiking through Mountain Pine Ridge to canoeing through Barton Creek Cave and exploration of the rainforest’s birds and exotic flora, the rainforests of Belize will certainly provide an awe-inspiring experience for two lovebirds.

Belize vacations and Rivers – Belize has many rivers and tributaries that offer couples the chance to enjoy the serenity of nature together as they sail along the waterways.


Belize vacations and Caves – It’s hard to believe that this little country is home to the largest cave system in Central America! Cave exploration is a popular tourist activity in Belize, and visitors are always in awe of the structural definition of stalactites and stalagmites.

Belize vacations and Mayan Temples – Belize is one of those countries at the heart of Mayan history and civilization. With thousands of Mayan ruins across the country, visitors can transcend generations and feel a part of a very rich culture.

A Belize Honeymoon is a very unique honeymoon as are Belize destination weddings. This is the place to go for topical weather, beautiful coastlines and people who want to make your Belize vacations here truly memorable. Make sure to also check out our Belize honeymoons for some great advise for couples on romantic getaways.

If a romantic, memory-filled vacation is what you’re looking for, be sure to include the following activities as part of your itinerary:


• Together, couples on their Belize Honeymoon or romantic getaway can enjoy a breathtaking snorkeling experience at Shark Ray Alley in Hol Chan Marine Park, one of the most popular snorkeling spots in Belize. Expect to see harmless nurse sharks and sting rays swimming freely as you explore the world beneath the surface!

• Xunantunich is one of the many Mayan archaeological sites in Belize, located in the jungle near San Ignacio. While about 80% of the structures have been reconstructed, you can expect to see some original structures that date back to 600 A.D.

• Perhaps the best spot in Belize for some alone time with your significant other is Ambergris Caye just off the coast of Belize. Hands down, this is the best way to enjoy each others company!

• The perfect romantic getaway in Belize is experiencing the sunset on a cruise around Ambergris Caye. Watching the sun set amidst the serenity of nature is absolute bliss.

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