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Romantic Haven for People to Fall in Love…..

With the onset of Valentine’s Day, ascending in February opens up new getaways for romantic adventure. If you and your valentine have island tastes then Fiji is the romantic haven for lovers to rekindle the romantic spark within. Fiji is an easy destination to fall-in-love again as the tropical palm trees and the 14 secluded white sandy beach that cocoon the islets sets the perfect mood for lovers and that too so feasible! If you have come for romance and relaxation then hammocks are tied through trees and beach chairs are laid all the time to laze around.

Fiji wears a necklace of 333 emerald islands and tiny coral or limestone atolls, with rainforests, beaches and waterfalls. Fiji islands are chiefly volcanic. A nature lover’s delight, Fiji proudly boasts of her virgin, unique environment of immense beauty and peace where a sunny float in the calm waters of a turquoise lagoon in the day, a stroll in the emerald rainforest at sunset and sitting under a star-flooded sky with crayfish dinner on the beach and the waves kissing your feet – makes you crazy to visit!

For these reasons only Fiji won the second rank as ‘the most secluded honeymoon destination in the world’ by travel agents of the Conde Nast Bridal Group. Here “life” is a word full of joy where the simple people love to tuck flowers in their hair. Fiji offers an array of activities like horse riding, cruising, hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, boat rides, mini golf, tennis, bird watching, four hand massage, etc. Fiji is having a bizarre variety of fauna from native mammals with Beka, the fruit bat and a small insect-eating bat, native reptiles including the crested and banded iguana; to the small Kula and Kadavu parrots in the rainforest regions, with the endangered Peregrine falcons and the Fiji Petrel.


The stunning Turtle Island (Nanuya Levu), known for its great white sand beaches and steep volcanic cliffs, is the epitome of a romantic retreat. This pretty islet served as a location for both the Blue Lagoon movies: the 1980 and the 1949 version. Perfect site for horse riding, water sports, crafts, village visits and beach stroll and relaxation.

Bejeweled with gorgeous ivory sand beaches, turquoise lagoons and rugged volcanic landscape, the idyllic Yasawa Group in Fiji’s northernmost group, is reputed for romance. It’s dry and sunny, with virgin beaches, cliffs, bays and reefs.

Visitors to the larger islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu experiences Fiji’s beautiful rugged interior with its rivers, rainforests, waterfalls and wildlife.

In the southern side of Viti Levu, lies the Coral Coast which is popular for good surf beaches and cultural and historic fame.

Suva, Fiji’s multi-cultural capital city offers an array of restaurants, nightlife, shopping and markets.

The two main islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni in the northern group of Fiji possess some of the best dive spots in the world. Taveuni is outstandingly striking with lush flora and frequent waterfalls.

The fourth largest island in Fiji, Kadavu, is encircled by the world-famous Astrolabe Reef, is the prime dive site with drop-offs, underwater caves & walls and coral families and marine life. Good for scuba diving.

With large inland areas, tropical rainforests, rivers, waterfalls and an array of flora and fauna, Fiji offers a range of Eco Tours.

Fire walking, an ancient religious ceremony requiring great mental, physical and spiritual strength is practiced here where participants walk on red-hot stones.

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