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Does It Get Any Better Than This? Romantic Vacations To Tahiti

If you are looking at romantic vacations to Tahiti, then you will want to choose one that is geared for the way you, and your significant other, enjoy traveling. If you are in the mood for fine-dining and late-night strolls, or want to sunbathe and swim in the crystal clear water while snorkeling about, Tahiti might be just the perfect mix of culture, fine living, and romance for which you seek.

Tahiti, once known as Otaheite, is the largest island of the chain of over 115 isles in the area, known wholly as French Polynesia. You can start your vacations to Tahitit in the capital
Thaiti Resort of Papeete, which is on the northwest corner, you’ll find much in the way of modern society, from fine restaurants to theaters and even nightclubs.

Captain James Cook who visited the islands in the mid-1770s noted the romance of the island of Tahiti. If you are planning romantic vacations to Tahiti, it would be helpful to brush up on your French as Tahitians are considered fully French Citizens and will greet you with a warm ‘bonjour’ or ‘comment allez vous’.

If you are in the capital of Papeete during the Heiva Festival in July, you’ll truly be in for a treat as the indigenous culture is celebrated. You’ll want to be sure to book accommodations ahead as the festival is well-known worldwide, but especially in France where mainlanders will travel the extensive distance to enjoy the spectacle that allows one to fully appreciate the land and people who once lived here without western influence.

While planning your vacations to Tahiti, be sure to include some spare time to visit the surrounding islands as each one has its own flavorful twist. This is especially true if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city. If you can plan a day or two escape to Moorea, Bora Bora, or even Huahine, you’ll return refreshed and relaxed to begin another adventure.

If during your travels in Tahiti you’d like to take a day to enjoy some of the museums and gardens, the two best one to go to are the Museum of Tahiti and the Harrison Smith Botanical Garden, respectively. Other daily excursions that you can plan are one of the many helicopter tours that, depending upon price and package, will fly you around the island from 30 minutes to over an hour.

In most of the resort areas, you can enjoy golf, horseback riding, and the most amazing snorkeling worldwide. And, if you’d like to try your fins at scuba diving, many local establishments have been set up to accommodate those who either want to go discovery diving (if it is your first time) to those who are certified master divers.

Talk to a few different establishments to find the best rates. If you’d like to become a certified diver, the cost is competitive and you can do so in as little as three days. Make sure to dive with only PADI certified professionals. The remarkable coral reefs add color and excitement to anyone who wants to truly experience any number of romantic vacations in Tahiti.

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